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Friends and Friends-Not-Met-Yet💛, welcome to my (slightly updated) bloggie. 👩🏻‍💻Where I wax eloquent (or not) on things of beauty🌸, wonder💫, and sci-fi🪐. Or not.

I’d like to think🤔 I’m funny sometimes, but I think it’s just an inner ploy of my heart getting me to be brave⚔️ and take risks. [Insert Deep Wondering: That’s a thing, right? Comedians doing comedy to overcome stage fright💃🏻? I think there’s a technical term for it. Must do research🕵🏻 on Goo-Gal*. “Atychiphobia”🔍? Got it. Deep Wondering answered✅.] So, if that’s the stuff you like to watch👀 (even when it goes horribly, horribly wrong🤭), stick around.

2021🗓 is the year to try new✨ things—or at least I’ve heard it is—so this year marks the start of opening Comments🗯 on this blog. Not a big thing, by itself. But the fact that I’m going to 👉choose 1 Commenter (capitalized because a Commenter is like solid gold🏆 Chick-fil-A nuggets to a blogger😭) each month to send a digital prize🎁 to.

I’m excited🤩 to see who will win this month’s prize… Hopefully, you all will like💕 it.

So. What else is new?

This❕: I’m trying to blog with emoji’s more. 🤓

It’s a new thing for me🧐, and some of you will like it👍. Some of you will absolutely loathe😡 it. But, either way, I think it will convey the quick and raw emotions💬 of what’s being read. Kind of how a picture paints🎨 a thousand words? Only, more, an emoji settles a thousand guessed❓ meanings. Or something like that.🤷🏻‍♀️

Speaking of, does anyone have a favorite💘 emoji that no📵 one else uses? I mean, one that your friends🌐 never seem to touch? Like ever🤔? But for some reason you👈 can put it into a sentence easylike😌 because you love its little emoji meaning hardcore💪? If so, put it⬇️⬇️⬇️ in the comments.

Your 🧚‍♀️encouragement🧚‍♂️ blip for today: Don’t try funny business, because ☑️the real you☑️ is a gem💎.

I’ll see you later. 🖖

*Google termed “Goo-Gal” first by Tim Ross. I was exposed to said comment HERE.

Inspiration Series 02

Inspiration has been coming at me in a rush this year, so I’m feeling the need to do a blog over the ones that stick. I hope this series has some nuggets of “inspire” in it for you. 

My year started with a bang.

So much so, it would’ve been easy to hide from all the new things.

Many. Many much new things. (Bad grammar for emphasis.)

If it weren’t for the ongoing messages from Father God’s heart to mine about being brave.

And the messages were everywhere.

Delivered to me through people, comments, random things I’d see on social media, stuff I’d read, songs I’d hear (maybe I’ll dump ’em in a playlist for you later), things I’d think I’d hear in prayer, and through car sightings.

(Uh, yeah. Still haven’t figured out the car one fully, but get this: everywhere I look, I’m seeing Dodge Challengers. Yeah, that might not seem like anything to anyone else, but to me, that car is closely tied to NCIS: LA, and the big ex-Navy SEAL that drove it. One brave dude, always running toward trouble instead of away from it. Anyway, rabbit trail over.)

One of the inspiring messages about being brave came from Ps. Tim Ross.

I love listening to Pastor Tim because he is so real and raw and funny. And his voice inflections just bless me. A true Son, that one.

He gave a talk at the First Conference at my church on growth spurts and David and Goliath. I simply cannot get it out of my head!

Yeah, it inspired me that much.

It’s too good to not share.

And maybe you were needing a kick-in-the-pants dose of brave, too. So. Here.

I’ve skipped into one of my favorite parts of the talk. [Minute 21:34]

Watch the whole thing on YouTube if you get a spare forty minutes. 🙂


Inspiration Series 01

Inspiration has been coming at me in a rush this year, so I’m feeling the need to do a blog over the ones that stick. I hope this series has some nuggets of “inspire” in it for you. 

Today’s bit inspired me to keep working on the things the Creator has outlined for me to keep my hands on.

Part of the reason I follow Love and the Outcome is because Jodi does such a beautiful job balancing her life as a Daughter of God, wife, mother, music artist, and master social media encourager. And when she doesn’t, she’s real about it and shares the pathway. The why, how, what, and trust she exudes is worth gold.

So, here’s the bit:

Mmm. So good.

Hit me right in the “Barbie schedule.” (My non-God-directed calendar plans. Pretty, but not up to Daughter Code.)

It was a friendly nudge to return to God weekly and daily to check what He wants going on.

Many hugs, y’all.



My Passion

From a young age, I’ve seen the world through eyes easily delighted.
Knowing there is a Creator has only intensified the delight, because I can see Him behind beauty of all kinds.
Behind light.
Behind order.
Behind details.

If strings from each and every year of my short life were tied to one thing,
it would be to my delight shared with the Creator.
He shows me something—points to it like a Father, or a close friend—then we look at it and I tell Him how beautiful, or cool, or awesome, or fascinating it is.
Rinse. Repeat.
A strange waltz.

Sometimes what He shows me can’t stay just between us.
That’s where my waltz with Him becomes something for others to see: I write.
Like a drink offering, I pour it out.
I take what He gives, birth it out, and share it.

If I try to keep the stories for myself, they burn my chest.
They roil in my stomach.
They churn in my mind.
I can almost see them.
Almost touch them.

I’ve learned, though, if I will listen to God’s leading and
put it into something I can share, He will allow me to feel the relief of the after-birth.
The peace of creative-pushes being complete.
The wonder of watching other people draw near and experience Him.

His pleasure is in us doing this “together,” and we are.

Yes, my passion is telling the stories God has given me to tell.



Wanter Poem

My wanter is busted, or maybe it’s fine

But it pushes my feelers to so far behind

My wanter sees problems it desires to fix

Often my soul doesn’t want into that mix

The absurd and the costly, my wanter demands

I cringe at its focus, I drown in these lands

My wanter is busted, surely needs saving

Pushed along by it, my heart is done raving

God, please change my wanter to line up with You

Because it’s stuck with me, and You’re stuck with me, too