Accepted Prompt: Breath of the Wild

The leader of my church group for writers posted the above picture as a “visual word prompt” for us and this was my ensuing drabble. Enjoy.

The pain of the dimensional-jump wore off over the next 48-hours, but the pain of the memories didn’t.

The strange new world he’d been kidnapped to needed saving—per the lengthy explanations of his captors— and he was the prophesied reluctant Hero from the Land of Hyrule. So the sooner they equipped him, the better.

But as the days and weeks went on, his despair deepened, puzzling him.

All he could think of was her. Her golden hair. Her lilty laugh. Her ongoing plan to rebuild Hyrule after Calamity Gannon had been extinguished.

Her crown would allow her to appoint another hero in his absence, but he hadn’t had a chance to tell her good-bye…

Somehow, he felt this would be what tormented her the most of his disappearance. That is, if he never found a way home.

His sleep consisted of repeating dreams of him climbing the steepest cliffs of Hyrule to the sound of the ocarina, his climbing shoes slipping more than usual, nearly falling, again and again. Every night.

His waking hours were divided between fighting monsters for his captors and flashbacks of saving Hyrule by following the clues the Princess left.

Like a broken timepiece, his mind had no direction without the goal of her. Her plan. Her needs. Her ideas. Everything he strove for before, lost in another realm, another timeframe.

The only items that remained with him from home were his trusty knife—excellently balanced— and the seeds Zelda had told him to hold until they returned to their manor. She planned to run experiments with the rare seeds. Now he treated both like the most valuable items he’d ever held; just like…



He could hear her saying his name still. The way she did when she begged him to remember who he was. That exact same way.




Write, Prompt, Share 30

“Dresses are no place for a lady.”

His voice wafted over from the wooden staircase.

She turned, the bustle of her dress catching the ornate railing again. Why this place pushed this level of time-worn Ritz was beyond her.

He wore an old-timey black suit, white collar, and maroon vest, complete with a gold pocket-watch.

“In this time period? It’s exactly where the ladies resided.” She huffed. The dumb corset made it hard to breathe. “Why are you here, anyway?”

His boots echoed in the balcony as he clomped to her side. “Same reason as you: to suffer in the clothing.”

Rolling her eyes, she turned back to her study of the nighttime scene. “You know nothing of suffering.”

A sudden movement beside her jumped her hands and body into defense mode, when she realized it was just his pet. “D’oi-ma cren-jua-pa! Why on Earth did you bring that?” She lowered her hands to her scrunched up waist and worked to steady her breathing.

The teal-eyed cat sat on the railing, unpeturbed by her reaction.

“I didn’t bring him. He followed me.” The man clicked his tongue. “Naughty fellow. Breaking rules everywhere he goes.”

The cat stared into her soul.

She wrinkled her nose. “You’d think it wouldn’t go near the volds. Or you, for that matter.”

“Who am I to impede feline class?”

She glanced to the stars before settling back to the view.

They stood in silence. Voices from downstairs tumbled up through the staircase like drunken mumbles. Chirping crickets sang across the moonlit foliage below.

She didn’t know how long she’d have to wait for a glimpse of the target. But, in this company? She prayed it’d be soon.

I post these little tidbits to share with other writers who enjoy prompts. Feel free to share with a link back.

Write, Prompt, Share 29

There came a point where they journeyed so deep into Okalaxon space, they felt certain they’d entered some form of intergalactic ocean. Huge, slow-moving space creatures that resembled fish spanned hundreds of thousands of meters across the area, slowly swimming between stars and planets. The creatures’ “fins” looking like enormous half-lit flower petals floating in space. Write what happens next.


I post these little tidbits to share with other writers who enjoy prompts. Feel free to share with a link back.

Write, Prompt, Share 28

The alien you were tailing just transformed into a tiger using your memories of Earth. Thinking quickly, you freeze the moment with your Reality Pauser, giving your crewmates time to catch up to you. Describe what you’re feeling, hearing, smelling while you wait for rescue.


I post these little tidbits to share with other writers who enjoy prompts. Feel free to share with a link back.

Write, Prompt, Share 26

Lisa, your friend from planet Cqzazl, has saved your life by whisking you into a navy blue dimension. She suggests you stay put until she can confirm the assassins won’t find you. What do you do in an all-navy-blue world? What are the inhabitants like? How do you survive until she returns?

I post these little tidbits to share with other writers who enjoy prompts. Feel free to share with a link back.